Your iPhone can soon tune your Apple TV picture settings with its camera. Here’s how


Soon you’ll be able to tune your TV’s color for a better picture with your Apple TV and iPhone.


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Apple just revealed a whole bevy of new hardware. During its Spring Loaded event, Apple unveiled a new iPad Pro, new iMac, AirTags a purple iPhone 12 and a new Apple TV. Every hardware product the company announced received significant updates. For example, the iPad Pro and iMac now use Apple’s own M1 Apple Silicon processor. 

And the Apple TV at long last got a new remote, and a faster processor to handle all of your streaming needs. 

While Apple didn’t shed a ton of light on everything the Apple TV will be able to do, we do know that you can use your iPhone’s front-facing camera to optimize the color balance of your Apple TV for your specific TV model. The new feature will save you time from trying to tune the colors on your own, and give you more consistent picture quality when using your Apple TV. Here’s how it will work.


The new Apple TV has all kinds of new features. 

Apple/Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

Here’s what you’ll need to use the new Color Balance feature

  • iPhone X or newer with Face ID running iOS 14.5 or later.
  • An Apple TV 4K running TVOS 14.5 (first generation and later)
  • An Apple TV HD running TVOS 14.5

With iOS 14.5 not set for release until next week, you won’t be able to go through this process until the official launch. We’ll update this guide once it’s available. Once you have the proper software update, here’s how the feature will work. 

How to color balance your Apple TV using your iPhone

To color balance your Apple TV to match your TV’s picture and color quality, you’ll need to activate the feature in the settings app, then hold the front of your iPhone up to your television’s screen. There will be a rectangular box on your TV screen where you’ll need to place your phone. 

The TV will flash several different colors while your iPhone measures and records those colors, giving your Apple TV the information it needs to tune the colors to look the best on your TV.  

From the video Apple has posted, it looks like the process takes less than 10 seconds. Here’s an animated image that shows what you’ll have to do:

It looks like an easy enough process, right? 

Video from Apple/Animated image by Jason Cipriani/CNET

We tried using the feature on our Apple TV running the release candidate of TVOS 14.5, but because the television supports Dolby Vision, the Color Balance feature is unavailable. However, you’ll be able to find it by going to Settings > Video and Audio > Color Balance under the Calibration section on your Apple TV.

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