Xbox Series X is a better system — but I can’t stop playing PS5

Those of you who read my PS5 vs. Xbox Series X face-off (I can hear you sharpening your knives) know that I came down, very mildly, on the side of Microsoft’s new console. They’re very similar overall, but the Xbox Series X has slightly more powerful hardware, a much more elegant design and a more robust library of backwards compatible games. While the “better” console will always be subjective, I’m comfortable saying that of the two, I prefer the Xbox Series X.

That’s why I’m somewhat surprised to find that for the past few weeks, I’ve been spending most of my gaming time on the PS5. I got the two consoles roughly a day apart, and spent a few days taking deep dives into each one for our console reviews and supplementary coverage. But once that was done, I booted up the PS5 and have returned to it for a few hours almost every night.

The reason why is prosaic: The PS5 has brand-new exclusive games, whereas the Xbox Series X doesn’t. I was all caught up with my Xbox library before the Series X came out, and while the new console optimizes games beautifully, I’d rather play something I’ve never played before. 

Xbox Series X is a better system — but I can’t stop playing PS5: Demon’s Souls

(Image credit: Sony)

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