WhatsApp just revealed a big upgrade to keep you from jumping ship

With all the uproar about the impending changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, and how it shares data with Facebook, it’s easy to forget that it has a lot of great features. And there are always new ones on the way. 

WABetaInfo has discovered a new feature called “Read Later” is coming to Android in the near future. Because nothing is worse than constantly getting notifications from that one group chat that never stops pinging. 

The feature is, in simple terms, an improved version of the existing “Archived Chats” function that lets you hide conversations without deleting their contents. Read Later does the same thing, muting conversations in the process, but with one key difference.

WhatsApp Read Later beta

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

Archived conversations are hidden at the bottom of your chat list, and easy to forget that they’re even there. Judging from the screenshots obtained by WABetaInfo Read Later is kept above all your chats, so there’s no chance of forgetting to check them when the time is right.

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