What is Apple spatial audio? How it works and how to use it

Apple’s spatial audio technology is about to get a lot bigger. Introduced as a major AirPods Pro upgrade and later included on the AirPods Max, pretty much entirely to upgrade video playback, spatial audio is now coming to Apple Music as well.

But what is spatial audio, and how do you use it? In this guide we’ll explain everything, from what hardware you’ll need for spatial audio to how to get this interesting 360-degree sound feature up and running.

What is spatial audio?

What is spatial audio

(Image credit: Future)

Spatial audio is how Apple brands its immersive, 360-degree sound tech, though the concept is sometimes referred to as “spatial audio” in more general terms as well. It’s essentially a form of surround sound wherein the origin points of different sounds stay in place even as you move around.

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