The best Nectar mattress deals and sales in October 2020 – these prices are better than Black Friday

The best Nectar mattress deals can cut hundreds off the price of the award-winning sleep company’s mattresses – and the current Nectar mattress sale does exactly that. Since the summer, the leading brand has been running its best-ever offer: not only is there a huge discount on the mattress, you’ll also get lots of free sleep accessories thrown in. 

It’s ridiculous value – better than last year’s Nectar mattress Black Friday deal – but we don’t know how long it’ll last, so if you’re interested we advise grabbing it while you can. 

We think Nectar is the best mattress brand around: its memory foam mattresses deliver premium comfort, support, and cooling properties – crucially, for a lot less than its competitors. (You can read our Nectar mattress review for more.) 

Although Nectar’s mattresses are ‘officially’ priced in the upper-mid range of the market, we’ve never seen them sold at full price. For the last few months, Nectar’s popular memory foam mattress has had a $300-$400 discount, keeping it comfortably within the cheaper mid-range bracket, and making it very competitive indeed. 

In fact, this discount means Nectar’s mattresses cost at least $200 less than those from leading rivals, such as Casper and Purple. However, where Nectar really stands out is in value. The company is well-known for running some of the best cheap mattress deals you’ll find. You’ll virtually always get two free premium pillows (worth $150) added to your order, for example.

Nectar also offers an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial: you get a whole year to decide whether the mattress is right for you. If it isn’t, you’ll get your money back and the company will collect it for free. There’s a forever warranty, too. It’s outstanding value for money.

Which Nectar mattress should you buy?

If you’re based in the US, there are two Nectar mattresses you can choose between: the company’s most popular mattress, the Nectar Memory Foam – which is the cheapest; and the company’s premium offering, the Nectar Lush. (If you’re in the UK, there’s just the Nectar Memory Foam option.)

Aside from price, the biggest difference between the two is the level of firmness. The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is medium-firm, while the Nectar Lush is slightly softer, billed as a medium. The premium option is also 12 inches deep, rather than 11, and offers enhanced cooling properties.

Both mattresses are made from two layers of gel memory foam that help to circulate air and distribute weight, so you’ll feel supported and cool no matter which mattress you choose.

The best Nectar mattress deals and discounts

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar mattress review

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1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress deals

Nectar’s cheapest and most popular mattress

Sizes: (US) 6 – twin to cal king; (UK) 5 – single to super king | Depth: 11 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Foam | Comfort: Medium-firm | Trial: 365 days | Guarantee: Forever warranty | RRP: $798 – $1,398

We’ve named Nectar’s flagship product, the five-layer Nectar Memory Foam, as one of the best mattresses you can buy. At almost half the price of the Lush mattress – and sold at a good $200 cheaper than its mid-range rivals – the Nectar Memory Foam mattress sits comfortably at the more affordable end of the mattress market, and offers outstanding value for money. 

It’s available in six different sizes in the US, with official prices starting from $798 for a twin size to $1,398 for a California king. In the UK there are five sizes – single to king size – and prices start from £414. However, it’s rare to find the Nectar mattress on sale on either side of the pond without a generous Nectar mattress deal to bring the price down further.

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is comprised of five different layers, starting with a super-soft quilted memory foam mattress cover on top. That’s followed by a gel memory foam layer, which serves to distribute your weight and body heat to keep you cool. 

Next, an adaptive hi-core memory foam adds extra support, helping avoid the sinking feeling that can come with some foam-based mattresses. Under this, a base layer helps stabilize the materials above and offers another layer of support, while the bottom mattress cover prevents slippage on your bed frame (it works with any type) or the floor. 

Nectar promo codes and deals

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2. Nectar Lush Mattress deals

Nectar’s premium mattress offers advanced cooling properties

Sizes: 6 – twin to cal king | Depth: 12 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 365 days | Guarantee: Forever warranty | RRP: $1,099 – $1,799

Advanced cooling properties

Soft and extremely supportive

Great mattress for side sleepers

Not the cheapest Nectar mattress

The Lush is Nectar’s higher-end mattress, and it’s priced accordingly. Available in six different sizes, a twin starts at $1,099, while a California King is priced at $1,799.

The Nectar Lush mattress is made of five 12-inch layers for superior support and pressure relief. The premium mattress offers additional cooling properties with a gel-coated memory foam layer that helps regulate body temperature, and a cooling cover that helps draw heat away from the body. You’re also getting an Energex memory foam layer that contours to your body and provides pressure relief.

Nectar’s Lush mattress is perfect for someone looking for more support and comfort, and prefers medium firmness. The Nectar Lush also provides additional cooling properties to help regulate your sleeping temperature all night long.

The short answer is no – usually a Nectar mattress promo code isn’t needed to get a discount on the mattress. Whenever there’s a Nectar sale, the discount is usually applied automatically at checkout. That’s where any free gifts – like Nectar’s premium pillows – will be added to your order, too. 

That means there’s no need to spend ages searching for Nectar promo codes to save money on the mattress. You’ll find the best Nectar deals on the Nectar website itself, and they don’t require a Nectar discount code. Just add the products you want to your order, and you’ll see the savings at checkout.

Nectar mattress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2020: what we expect to see 

Nectar mattress deals

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We predict we’ll see the lowest prices ever in Nectar’s Black Friday sale this year, when Black Friday 2020 arrives on November 27. Why? Well, last year Nectar’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were worth $250: the company ran a $100 discount on its mattresses and gave away two free memory foam pillows, worth $150. Prices started from just $399 for a twin, instead of (then) $499 – it was phenomenal value.

In the UK, it was a similar story. A huge £250 discount over Black Friday and Cyber Monday knocked 50 per cent off the price of the Nectar mattress, taking it from (then) £499 to just £249 – plus you got two free pillows worth £70. At the time, it was the best Nectar mattress promo we’d ever seen on both sides of the pond. 

However, since then the company has already matched last year’s Nectar Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. Throughout the summer, we’ve seen the biggest-ever Nectar mattress sale: every mattress purchase has received $399-worth of free gifts in the US, and £385-worth in the UK. That includes two premium pillows, a mattress protector, bedding sheets and a luxury duvet – amazing.

In the US, there’s technically been a $400 discount on the Nectar Memory Foam mattress too (alongside the $399 of free gifts). However, that’s because the company put the official price of the mattress up by $400 at the start of summer: in reality, the price it’s been sold at has remained the same, with a twin size starting from $499. Still, that’s $100 cheaper than Casper and Purple, and with all those free gifts it’s superb value.

In fact, this entire year has been a fantastic time to buy a new mattress. Most of the leading brands have offered best-in-class discounts, with some incredible mattress deals over Memorial Day, in the July 4th sales, in the summer sales, and the Labor Day sales. But one of the biggest mattress sale periods of the year is still to come. And we’ll feeling confident that some excellent Black Friday mattress deals (and Black Friday mattress topper deals) are on the way. 

If Nectar wants to remain competitive in November, the company may need to go even bigger with its Nectar Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals in 2020. Plus, with the pandemic causing widespread economic uncertainty, mattress makers will need to work hard to encourage people to spend.  

Whether we see bigger discounts on the mattresses, or more value added through extra free gifts, we don’t know yet. But we’re confident that all signs are pointing to the best Nectar Black Friday mattress deals ever in 2020.

That doesn’t mean you should wait until then to buy a Nectar mattress, however – November is still a long way off. If you need a new mattress now, the current Nectar mattress deal is incredible value for money.

Today’s best Nectar mattress deal

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