The adorable, awesome Addsfit mini impact massage gun can be yours for $69 (save $36)


This amazingly compact massager delivers nearly as much muscle relief as bigger, heavier guns.


In the past I’ve shared deals on various Theragun- and Hyperice-style massage guns, all of them similar in one key respect: They’re pretty big and pretty heavy. But, hey, if that’s the only option, that’s the only option.

It’s no longer the only option. For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the Addsfit Massage Gun Mini for $69 when you clip the on-page $20-off coupon and then apply promo code CNET20AF at checkout. Regular price: $105.

I’ll just say it: This thing is adorable. It looks like someone pointed a shrink ray at a traditional impact massager. But I was surprised at how solid it feels. I expected something cheap and plastic; this has heft thanks to its aluminum build.

I also expected it would do, well, a “smaller” job of massaging sore muscles, but found it works nearly as well as full-size models. It comes with two heads — a flat one for large muscle groups and a bullet-shaped one for targeting specific areas. The latter is pretty much the same size as the bullet heads on big massagers.

The gun offers three speeds and promises six to eight hours of operation on a charge. It comes with a zippered carrying case that’s definitely handy to have for storage and travel.

What I like most about the Addsfit is how comfortable it is to use for self-massage. The bigger, heavier guns are hard to hold for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s also reasonably quiet.

Mini massagers are just starting to hit the market. Poking around Amazon I noticed a couple others, some of them priced even lower — and with four heads instead of just two (but no carrying case). I haven’t had the chance to try those, however. This one, I’ve used for a few weeks and greatly enjoyed, so I can enthusiastically recommend it.

Your thoughts?

Charge that massager (and other stuff) on the go with this Xcentz 10,000-mAh PD power bank for $10



We’re just about at the point where you shouldn’t buy a mobile charger unless it has a USB-C port. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a premium to get one. Quite the opposite, in fact: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Xcentz 10,000-mAh 18-watt PD portable charger is just $9.99 with promo code G8A27XR3

That 10,000-mAh figure refers to the battery capacity. If your phone has, say, a 2,500-mAh battery, this would be able to fully recharge it four times — in theory, anyway. According to Xcentz, the power bank would recharge an iPhone X (which has a 2,700-mAh battery) around 2.5 times. Why not 3.5? Because… science reasons? (Someone who understands batteries better than I do, explain this in the comments!)

“18 watt” refers to the maximum amount of juice that the USB Type-A and USB-C ports can deliver to your devices. And PD stands for Power Delivery, a fast-charging technology that’s increasingly common in both chargers and devices.

Added bonus: Xcentz backs this with an 18-month warranty. Ten bucks, people! What’s not to like?

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