Stranger Things season 4 release date, teaser trailers, cast and latest news

When will Stranger Things season 4 exit the Upside Down and hit Netflix? It feels as if we’re stuck with a certain lost character — but the good news is that Netflix is giving us a little taste of what’s to come, and enough to speculate. Everyone is analyzing the new Stranger Things season 4 teaser trailer, which gave us more of an old character than we expected — suggesting one of the adults of Eleven’s past will be back. 

Also, cast member Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, recently revealed that fans might not see the new episodes until next year. And so while Stranger Things season 4 might not be coming soon, there are plenty of reasons to stay excited for the return of the series. Fans can theorize over leaked set photos, like the ones showing something big happening at Hawkins High School.

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