Samsung Galaxy S21 deal: Here’s how you can save $700

Yesterday saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, which is available to pre-order right now. It seems like Samsung really wants people to upgrade, especially if they own a Galaxy S20, so it’s being incredibly generous with the trade-in deals.

You can currently get $700 off the cost of a new Galaxy S21 if you trade in your old Galaxy S20. That’s more than you’d likely get selling it yourself, and means you’d be able to pick up a standard Galaxy S21 for just $100; that’s a pretty fantastic deal.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Save $700 when you trade-in @ Samsung
If you’re still rocking a Samsung Galaxy S20, but want to upgrade to the latest model, Samsung will give you $700 off if you hand over your old model. Whether it’s the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, or S20 Ultra, as long as it works and isn’t cracked, this deal could be yours.View Deal

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