Marvel’s Secret Invasion release date on Disney Plus, cast, Emilia Clarke and latest news

Marvel’s Secret Invasion just got even more star-studden. One of the many upcoming Marvel Disney Plus shows, Secret Invasion is now adding a Queen to its ranks. Based on what we know, Marvel’s Secret Invasion looks to be a bit more wild than Falcon and Winter Soldier, but not as weird as WandaVision.

And, in a way, that makes a lot of sense for this particular show. The whole premise is about what we don’t know, as a big mysterious force infiltrates live on earth, and only Nick Fury and his friend Talos can help. Don’t know Talos? Well, now’s a great time to fire up Disney Plus and watch (or re-watch) Captain Marvel. That way, you’ll be able to tell a Skrull from a Kree, and be ready to grok what’s next in the MCU.

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