HomePod mini vs HomePod: What should you buy?

Apple’s HomePod has stood alone as the sole smart speaker in the Cupertino company’s line for more than two years. So it’s no surprise that as smart speakers have grown in popularity that Apple would come up with a smaller and cheaper version in the form of the HomePod mini

Revealed as part of the iPhone 12 announcement, the HomePod Mini is unsurprisingly a smaller and less expensive version of its larger sibling. But it’s more than just a pared down HomePod, with a few features of its own that could really appeal to Apple fans. Read on for a breakdown of how the HomePod mini measures up to the original HomePod. 

HomePod mini vs HomePod: Price and availability

Homepod Mini vs. HomePod

(Image credit: Apple)

The HomePod mini also comes with a mini price tag, at least in comparison to the HomePod. At $99 it’s a third of the price of the $299 HomePod. That price puts the HomePod mini in the ballpark of Google’s new Nest Audio as well as the Amazon Echo Dot 2020 speaker, which happens to also have spherical design like the HomePod mini. 

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