Forget Samsung Galaxy S21: OnePlus 9 Pro looks stunning in new renders

OnePlus didn’t think it was necessary to release a OnePlus 8T Pro earlier this year, for whatever reason. Thankfully, it looks like we will be getting a OnePlus 9 Pro, which is great considering what we’ve seen so far.

A new set of OnePlus 9 Pro renders have hit the web, and they’re showing off a very sleek looking phone that’s already getting us excited.

The renders have been created by LetsGoDigital, who collected all the different rumors and leaks to give us an idea of what the phone is going to look like. We’ve already seen some renders from OnLeaks, but these renders show off the phone in much more detail, and from every conceivable angle.

OnePlus 9 Pro renders

(Image credit: Lets Go Digital/Concept Creator)

They’re not official, so there may well be changes once the OnePlus 9 Pro is actually released, but this gives us a great idea of what to expect when the phone launches early next year.

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