Day one of CES 2021 impresses with Razer’s high-tech N95 mask and Sony’s Airpeak drone – Video

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Razors project Hazel is a concept designed for an N 95 class facemask to active ventilation, and auto sterilization.
The separate case that can charge it wirelessly and has a UV sterilizer that uses replaceable filters and rechargeable ventilators on the pods.
Which is intended to make it, a sustainable solution.
Of course, it’s a razor product, so it has RGB.
Sony announced the new drone called air peak at CES this week.
The four rotor, remotely piloted aircraft ,can carry a Sony A seven s three camera, a full frame interchangeable lens model, that can shoot 4k video.
Air peak is capable of quote, precise stable flight and aims to contribute to the world of entertainment, while also pursuing new possibilities for creative expression.
And finally meet the cold snap an ice cream making gadget unveiled Monday by sigma phase at CES 2021.
The cold snap works similarly to a Keurig appliance, but instead of dishing out coffee, it makes Single Serve pod dispense ice cream, and other tasty frozen treats.
Frozen Margarita is mango passion fruit smoothies, and chocolate ice cream are just a few of the available options.
While the cold snap is a countertop device, it clocks in at a whopping 50 pounds.
But it does only take 90 seconds, to make ice cream.
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