Amazon Luna hands-on: Is Amazon’s cloud gaming service any good?

By my count, Amazon Luna is the fifth cloud gaming service from a major publisher, and it has a few interesting ideas going for it. It’s optimized for streaming players; it offers a good library for relatively little money; it syncs with Ubisoft’s streaming service; it lets you play on two devices simultaneously. So far, so good.

But a cloud gaming service is only as good as its performance, and this is where Luna hasn’t quite reached its full potential yet. Game streaming is not seamless, with frequent jitters and frame rate drops, and the Luna controller is not much different — or better — than the Amazon Fire controllers that came before it.

Since Luna is still in early access, imperfect performance and a relatively small game selection are not at all unusual. Still, we’ve seen most of these features before in other services, and it’s not clear how Amazon plans to differentiate itself in the long run.

amazon luna

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Amazon Luna: Game selection 

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