VPN Networks and Security

VPN Networks and Security

On computer networks, information can be protected by encryption. Encryption means replacing the information with a scrambled string of nonsense. This nonsense can be turned back into the original information using the key shared by the two machines. This encryption is virtually unbreakable and, when it’s used for business communications, it greatly increases the level of safety that the business enjoys. It’s also great for personal communications. VPN services use encryption, among other methods, to keep information safe.

Under the Radar

A VPN is oftentimes described as providing a way for users to create a secure tunnel over a public network. This analogy is actually pretty accurate in terms of describing what’s going on. The information exchanged over the VPN isn’t visible to people on the Internet. This means that people on a VPN connection can reach their work resources, applications on a private computer and many other types of information without having to worry about their information being intercepted. There are plenty of uses for this technology, as you can imagine, but businesses are particularly heavy users.


The other form of security that VPN services provide is that of masking your IP address. Your IP address is the numerical address that servers use to send you the information you request. The VPN service routes you through a server that gives the websites you’re visiting its IP address instead of yours. This prevents those websites from betting personal information from you and, of course, it makes it impossible for anyone snooping to say where you are.

Why This Matters for Security

There are plenty of ways that your IP address can be used against you. If someone with bad intentions knows that there’s a business network set up at your IP address, they have a target. That target might be tested with a port scan, be the subject of DDoS attacks or have all kinds of other mayhem released upon it. Concealing your IP address is a very important way to protect your security online.

Having your data encrypted is also a big part of staying safe online. Until the computer revolution came around, it was impossible for everyday people to get the type of security that’s provided by modern encryption. Today, you can get encryption levels from VPN providers that make it nearly impossible for anyone to see your information.

If you’re interest in upping your levels of security when you’re surfing, consider adding a VPN service to the tools that you use. It’s a powerful, meaningful and effective way of increasing the level of security on your network and, for your employees or for you, it’s an easy way to access the information on your servers from anywhere in the world without exposing them to attack. These services are remarkably affordable and, if you need to access information from remote locations, it’s a great technological feature. Surfing for business or for pleasure is much safer when you have control over your personal information and how it appears to others online.

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