Best VPN That Works Perfectly With Netflix

Best VPN That Works Perfectly With Netflix

A little over a year ago, Netflix began its notorious crackdown on VPNs, and it became harder than ever to watch content from overseas. Many VPNs no longer work to unblock Netflix, so we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the VPN you need to unblock your favorite Netflix content overseas. The VPN we recommend to access Netflix content is ExpressVPN. They have consistently been able to bypass the Netflix unblock proxy error and allow you to connect to a US server and watch Netflix.

Why Is Netflix Blocking VPN Users?

Netflix’s justification for putting the ban on VPN use among its customers is related to issues of regional licensing with its content producers. Many of the production companies – particularly those in Hollywood – are hell-bent on ensuring that their content is licensed location-specifically, essentially putting Netflix’s feet to the fire, and forcing them to add a clause to their terms of service addressing the “VPN problem.”

Luckily though, there are still a handful of VPNs that are effective at unblocking Netflix. This software works by essentially fooling Netflix into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not, hiding your IP address and routing your connection through a remote server.

When you use a VPN, you can be in Cambodia, route your connection through a US server, and get access to US content on Netflix, all while hiding your identity with state-of-the-art encryption.

VPNs are easy to use, great for protecting user privacy, and guess what? – they’re still the best way to beat the system and unblock Netflix overseas.

Get Netflix Unblocked by the Best VPN Services

#1 ExpressVPN (the Best Netflix VPN)

Express VPN is by far the winner when it comes to the Best Netflix VPN. The most important things to factor in when considering the best VPN are:

Server network size
Connection speed
Encryption strength
These factors will ensure your connection is fast enough to stream Netflix, while still protecting your privacy and giving you access to the content you want based on your region.
We really like Express VPN for the usual reasons: great customer service, 30-day guarantee, easy-to-use software. The main draw in this case, though, is that Express VPN still has a few servers that work with streaming Netflix overseas. Though they’re likely to change as soon as Netflix catches wind of them, for right now, Express VPN is your best option for streaming Netflix abroad.

With servers in 70 countries and a crazy-fast connection, this VPN makes it easy to connect and keep a smooth playback rolling. Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, Express is very user-friendly, so don’t be intimidated by the concept at all.

If this kind of stuff freaks you out, their customer support is really responsive, so just hop on their live chat if you need a little guidance with getting the VPN setup to stream some Netflix. This VPN will work on just about any operating system you run, from iOS to Android, making it the best and most adaptable VPN for unblocking Netflix overseas right now.

Summary: If you’re outside the US and still want to enjoy your favorite shows and movies and unblock Netflix, do yourself a favor and get ExpressVPN. It lets you bypass the Netflix Proxy error and watch your favorite shows now.

The best VPN to unblock US Netflix and start watching it now: ExpressVPN


2 NordVPN – Fast Speed and Reliable VPN to Get Netflix Unblocked

As far as which VPN can get Netflix unblocked, NordVPN has actually took the game a step further and implemented a system of servers that are specifically setup for the purpose of unblocking Netflix. Users were pretty thrilled, but this list is no guarantee of success – you may still find that some of these servers get blocked by Netflix.

This is another VPN that works on most devices, so it’s great for people that have a slew of different gadgets across different operating systems. Just make sure when you sign up that you take advantage of their pricing model – the more months you buy, the more you save, together with a 30-day free trial with full refund guaranteed, making this one of the cheapest VPNs around.

Sign up with NordVPN today!


The bottom line, things are going to keep changing, and this game of tug of war isn’t going to end until Netflix can corner the market and get people to loosen their grip on their licensing agreements.

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